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The Beatles

Today is my lady Bohemea’s Birthday!  
She is my Khalessi, my Moon and my Stars.  She is the person I have promised to commit suicide with when (not if!) the zombie apocalypse happens because we are not staying around for that shit. She is the distantly related cousin I’d marry not just to inherent an estate but for love, FOR LOVE.  She is the one I’d miss the most if I ever had to leave Oz.  She’s looks as if she knows what I look like without my shimmy.  I fink she’s fweeky….and I like her a lot.  The maker of my oatmeal, the bringer of my orgasms, the soother of my brow, the opener of the scary mail and so, so, so much more.  
All day today I’m going to post things that my lady loves.  Join me, wontcha!?  Tag your post #bohemea birthday so we can see that picture of you in her panties! ;) 


a rainy day, guitar solos, awkard silence, white paper, poetic evenings, boring routine, free smiles, cloudy days, foolish, unsaid things. Long movies, thick books and sad songs. (5T4S)
'what we have here is a dreamer. someone completely out of touch with reality.'